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Announcing Nightly Met streaming free. See below. Please select above "Get

Announcing Nightly Met streaming free. See below. Please select above "Get

Announcing Nightly Met streaming free. See below. Please select above "GetAnnouncing Nightly Met streaming free. See below. Please select above "GetAnnouncing Nightly Met streaming free. See below. Please select above "Get

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Your support and contributions will enable the Chapala Opera Guild meet our goals and provide access to our area musical students and limited income audiences. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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We're looking for volunteers who can Serve Actively on the Board, assist in fundraising and social events. Monthly cocktail parties and lectures are needed. Networking with new opera fans is important. Or you may want to assist at the Met Live programs at the theatre. There is a place for you at the Lakeside Opera theatre.

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The Guild Thanks These Members & Sponsors!

Please Thank These Generous Friends of The Guild & The Met Live HD


Chapala Opera Guild, A.C.

Founder & Underwriting Producer  

Howard J. Willis  

Founder’s Technology Fund

We thank these generous Fund Investors for helping The Guild meet our equipment funding goal of $6,200 USD by their contribution of $500 USD or $9,750 MEX.

Joan Ward  

Charlotte Donaldson

Connie Huggett

Alice & Jim Storm

Allegra & Howard Willis  

Heidi Maclennan

Derek Nelson & Merelyn Shore

Judy & Phil Parker

Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos - Notario Publico No. 2, Chapala

Fondo de Tecnología del Fundador

Agradecemos a estos generosos Inversores del Fondo por ayudar al Guild a cumplir con nuestro objetivo de financiación de equipos de $ 6,200 USD por su contribución de $ 500 USD o $ 9,750 MEX.


Met Performance & Transmission Fee

We thank these generous Sponsors for making the MET Live HD possible by their contribution of $300 USD toward the fees charged by The Met.  Our goal is two Sponsors for each performance or (20) sponsorships.

Millie Phinney  

Anonymous #1

Jillian & Arnold Sandrock

Connie & Jeff Pecsar

Connie Huggett

Jim Coolidge & Ruben Olivares  

Glorioso Hair Design  

Anonymous #2

Allegra & Howard Willis 

Derek Nelson & Merelyn Shore

Gillian Kearvell

Rendimiento cumplido y tarifa de transmisión

Agradecemos a estos generosos patrocinadores por hacer posible el MET Live HD por su contribución de $ 300 USD a las tarifas cobradas por The Met. Nuestro objetivo es dos patrocinadores para cada actuación o (20) patrocinios.


More Sponsors & Investors Are Needed

Your contribution to these two funds are critical to the long-term sustainability of The Met Live HD in Ajijic. These funds are The Guild's commitment to take these expenses away from MovieSpace to help them at least break-even on their valuable participation. These donations also help keep the tickets at a reasonable price.

Please consider a donation and membership at

Thank You!

Se necesitan más patrocinadores e inversores

Su contribución a estos dos fondos es fundamental para la sostenibilidad a largo plazo de The Met Live HD en Ajijic. Estos fondos son el compromiso de The Guild de quitar estos gastos de MovieSpace para ayudarlos al menos a alcanzar su valiosa participación. Estas donaciones también ayudan a mantener los boletos a un precio razonable.

Por favor considere una donación y membresia en


                                                Chapala Opera Guild Members  

Guild Members

1. Millie Phinney   

2. Allegra Willis   

3. Howard Willis   

4. Susan Hood   

5. Connie Pecsar    

6. Susan Munroe   

7. Judith Hunt       

8. Jack Walder   

9. Margo McCutcheon    

10. Connie Huggett   

11. Carol Van Gorp   

12. Phyllis Ewing   

13. Jim Storm   

14. Alice Storm

15. Joan Copple   

16. Regina Colberg   

17. Don Savon   

18. Valerie Robinson   

19. Joan Ward   

20. Charlotte Donaldson   

21. Renee’ Castle   

22. Vernon Castle    

23. Liz Naidoff   

24. James Lloyd   

25. James Coolidge  

26.  Rubén Olivares

27. Lois Vlahov

28. Richard Stafford

29. Sean Godfrey - Guadaljara Reporter

30. Jillian Sandrock

31. Cameron Peters

32. Derek Nelson

33. Merelyn Shore

34. Twig Smye 

35. Patricia Conner

36. Betsy Maier

37. Heidi MacLennan 

38. Anne Morris 

39. Susan Martz

40. Judy Parker

41. Phil Parker

42. Lynn Botha

43. Vincenzo Botha

44. Mary Bragg

45. John Bragg

46. Gillilan Kearvell

47. Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos 

48. Lisa McCary

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